Watch Where You Are Going!

Today’s quick tip is one that has made a huge difference in my olympic lifting – and the improvement was pretty much instant. In the years I spent lifting alone during training, deployment, and just plain being super duper crazy busy improvement on my oly lifts was agonizingly slow even though all of my slow lifts were coming along.

This past year I was able to get just a little coaching, finally, and in only a few days of pointers I was able to take away some new cues that have made a night and day difference. Once of the simplest was just to pay attention to where my eyes are focused during my lift. I hadn’t been thinking about it at all, and had gotten in a habit of letting my gaze linger towards the floor… and spent months upon months upon months losing my lifts forward. We all know that where the eyes go, the body – especially the chest and center of mass – will want to follow. Why wasn’t my chest coming up properly and helping me finish my pull? Well for one thing, I was leaving my eyes directed toward the floor! Once I was cued to focus higher – towards the top of a doorframe, for instance – while setting up, it was like I’d been visited by the fairy godmother of Snatching. Now when I start losing my lifts forward, I take a second to check where I’m looking at the start, and more often than not getting the eyes up gets me back in business. So if you, like me, keep pulling that bar high and then ditching it forward anyway – just take a second to notice where you are looking before and during your pull and you may be thrilled with the difference it can make.

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