Trust Pays Off

So here I am again waiting for my Chicken and Spinach Marinara Style to cook and reflecting on today’s training. Only three weeks in, and I am already seeing the leap of faith I took in giving up control of my workouts to follow a program pay off.

20140709-220319-79399521.jpgThis morning I knocked out a set of ten consecutive strict pull-ups in the middle of a workout like it was no big deal – something that was a longtime goal for me last year, tough when I did accomplish it, and elusive the past couple months. Tonight I hit a set of squats for 6, after a string of heavy singles, and a weight I’ve been desperately trying to hit for 5 ever since it was my PRx5 last year. It felt solid enough that I didn’t realize until I was home what had happened – my first lifting PR in a long, long time. After just three weeks. I’m sure it won’t all be so quick and easy but if I needed a sign that I’m making the right choice – this is it.

Ok. Time to check my dinner! Yes, I’m having the same as last night – one of the biggest shortcuts I’ve found for making cooking for one all week affordable and manageable is to plan the week’s meals for one day, and then shop to make those same three meals all week. It eliminates guesswork, and the otherwise inevitable waste of grocery shopping for one in a country where almost everything is sold in family size. I don’t have to decide all over again to eat healthy all week, I just follow the plan. Something of a theme tonight!

More rut-busting reflections, and some talk on how I, personally, like to meal plan later this week!

Oh, and I remembered the basil tonight; yum.

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