Training Outlook & What’s For Dinner This Week

I’ve decided to skip the CrossFit Open this year – mostly because I don’t have anywhere/anyone to judge me. Instead, I’m going to use the weeks that my training program, like everyone else, is focused on the Open to go back to last summer’s strength building cycle and hopefully regain some of my lost strength. I also need to attempt some muscle ups on the rings again soon – I think between months of practicing the technique (no place to do ring muscle ups in my garage!) and my current lighter weight, I might be there at last. Maybe? Hopefully. It’s been a technique problem, not strength, for a long time with me.

This weekend was very low key and quiet, which was nice. I had a good long workout from the June Invictus cycle that I’m playing time warp with, got to use my sandbag (to sub for a sled push since I do not have a sled), and finally felt in a groove and motivated (probably because I set a purpose for my workouts again). I have a local competition in May that I will set my sights on in lieu of getting to see where I would stack up in the Open this year.


Food-wise, I was all about the easy this week. I found a recipe for baked chicken (someone I know posted it on Facebook, actually) that looked absolutely delicious, so I tried that out. The verdict? Absolutely delicious, and the blog it comes from looks right up my alley, as a bonus. Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella, and Basil Stuffed Chicken Breasts, at Barbells and Bellinis .com

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