The House That Fitness Built?

The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, moving, unpacking, assembling, arranging, cleaning… the list goes on and I still haven’t hung up pictures in the new house. Partly I guess that is also due to the recent return of the Weekend Trip to the Beach – and after the relocation the Beach is MY Beach, where I grew up. Being close to home is awesome and seemed like a good justification for postponing my return to sitting down and actually writing… you know, indoor stuff. It’s summer! Which brings me to another excellent feature of the relocation – the new house has a deck off the kitchen which makes for easy grill access. I tried hard to tell myself broiled chicken was just as good as grilled but I always knew it wasn’t really true!

I have to admit, moving is one of my least favorite things pretty much ever, because it means days of mess at a minimum, and even with my dedication to neatness this one dragged on for weeks.  One useful thing I discovered in the process, however, was that Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser actually IS magic… or pretty close, because it removed over two years of bumper-plate stains from the weird ugly pop-corn walls in my former garage gym.  Note well, any fellow renters!

The quiet beginnings of a weeks-long mess.
Possibly actually made with Harry-Potter style magic.
Day after moving… everything will be alright – there’s a Wawa!

One thing that really stood out to me through it all was that if it wasn’t for the fitness I’ve gained over the years, and especially the strength CrossFit and weightlifting have given me some things would have been much harder, and many I could not have done at all. My fitness gives me a better chance at good health, and it’s something i enjoy – but maybe most importantly it gives me independence. I was able to have Casey’s help the weekend of the actual move, but before and after it was all me. Sidenote – it turns out you CAN push two carts through an IKEA warehouse at once, alone, if you need to.

At least there was coffee?
I needed that coffee.
And I might not want to see a screwdriver ever again.
Like ever.

Moving is hard no matter who you are, but being able to lift, carry, move and assemble furniture on my own certainly made it much easier than it could have been. I might not need to see an allen trench again anytime soon but I was able to get a houseful of furniture built during the week when I was without help and that was a good entry to add to the list of why I DO squat.

As a bonus, the new house has an attached garage so my gym is better and more convenient than ever, and the nice full-size kitchen has really re-invigorated my enjoyment for cooking… even if all of the moving chores took away any time to post.

Thank goodness the weekend came and reinforcements arrived!
Besides, Albert Camus tells me, it was all worth it for the new house’s amazing array of bathtubs to hide in…
And the Ikea bags which are apparently the best place to hang out on all the Earth.

Working out and looking good are fun things. Being healthy is important. But if you’re finding too many excuses to take it easy or do it tomorrow remember, the workouts you do today might mean the difference between the daily chores you still CAN do tomorrow instead of a loss of your independence!

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