Super Quick Tip – Be a Jerk!

I had one of those little lightbulb moments during my lunch break lifting session today. The second part of my Invictus workout called for “Jerk Dip + Jerk,” with the instruction to dip three times like before a jerk, and then jerk on the fourth dip.

I almost skipped it in abot of just jerking because I didn’t see the reasoning and it sounded awkward… Luckily I didn’t. My jerk is definitely the limiting factor in my clean and jerk – I struggle to get the right momentum off the shoulders and I’m often soft instead of snappy. Over the years I’ve struggled to really get the dip down, unsure what it should feel like.

Until today! This super simple exercise have me the opportunity to feel how a proper dip bounces the bar off my shoulders with no additional effort, ad a large push jerk PR without even realizing it, almost, was my welcome reward. For some reason no verbal cue ever got me to understand what that dip is supposed to accomplish – but now that I’ve physically felt it I can’t see how I missed it before and I think my struggle with my jerk has dally turned a corner.

So if you, like me, find that your jerk is often more lackluster than explosive, you really should give this a try because feel may quickly teach you what words have not.

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