Sunny Training Day & a Hummus-Kalamata Post Workout Snack

Today summer came to Georgia. I’d say it came early, but in my mind mid-March basically IS summer down here – almost 80, sunny, and begging for a shirts-optional training session. (By actual summer it’s more like shirts totally unbearable due to humidity!)
I’m still in my Invictus time-machine, so today’s workout for me was a lot of pressing movements, and then a running/muscle up combo. Since I have nowhere to do actual muscle-ups in my garage, I usually adapt with a seated, banded version – I use as little band as I need to pull on top of the rings from the seated position and I’m basically on my own from there. Hopefully I can get near some full-height rings soon and find out how this sub has (hopefully) paid off because I can manage with the skinniest band I’ve got, these days. I like that this version still lets me train the transition, although sometimes I’ll do strict pullups/dips instead.

Winter such as it is may be short down here, but this was an ugly one and I am so excited to pull my shorts out and run in some sunshine! Then, once we were done working up an appetite I decided to make a sunny-weather appropriate post-workout snack (and continue that little kalamata obsession…) so I whipped up a batch of easy homemade hummus, and spread it on some wholewheat toast with a little leftover feta and… some kalamata olives, of course. Delicious!

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