Snow Day in the Garage Gym

It turns out a good blizzard was exactly what I needed to get time to focus on the blog again.  Almost three feet of unplowed snow in the street will help with concentrating on at-home pursuits, I suppose.  As a mid-atlantic coast native, this is the most snow I’ve ever seen at once in my life.  Maybe it’s not a big deal if you’re in, say, Colorado but in Maryland it’s a bit much.  I walked up to the nearest larger road yesterday afternoon and saw a snow plow truck getting stuck in the snow – not counting on driving anywhere anytime soon.  Luckily we’ve got plenty of food and the garage gym to keep us entertained and well fed… and it’s not like we’re going to run out of snow to shovel anytime soon.  My snow piles have snow piles.


View of the back deck around 7:30 am.  We decided to do round #1 of shoveling early on, to avoid having to move the full load at once later.


There are some bushes and a Subaru under there somewhere…


Since neither of us are from areas that typically receive feet of snow at a time, we were concerned how much the back deck could hold, so down into the yard it went.  This was the warmup.


The main event.  This is the first time I’ve ever opened a door into a snowbank.  We could only get ahold of one snow shovel (unsurprisingly, I did not bring one with me when I moved from southern Georgia) so I used a spare garbage can as an oversized scoop – and because we had to transport the snow away from the walks and driveway into the side yard.  Otherwise, we could shovel those steps all we wanted and the next step down was the only place to put it.


Eyelash icicles – I’m telling you, they’re going to be the next big trend.


Once we got the initial round of driveway and sidewalk clearing done, it was workout time.  The snow sealing in the garage door actually made it a little warmer than usual, but we’ve been meaning to try something to insulate for a while?  Spare packing blanket – check.  GORUCK bricks – check.  Not quite the Bayeux tapestry but it will do.



This seemed like an excellent time to get out my Frostbite 2010 t-shirt from my Crossfit LIC days! (Frostbite was an outdoor competition, and it did indeed fall after a snowstorm, and it included burpees in that snow.  Some of us may have found some rocks hidden under that snow with our faces because we got a little too excited… or one of us, at least…)


The garage gym was nice and snug but I took it easy and focused on some physical therapy, because the real workout was still awaiting.  By 3:30 in the afternoon there was another foot or snow of snow where we’d already shoveled, and I think I had as high a heart rate walking to the corner in almost waist deep snow as I usually do on the assault bike.


It’s ok though, there were delicious cashew-sauce squash pizza and wine to look forward to at dinnertime, as well as Emergency Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Today, the tail end of the storm has left round three of my shoveling workout – apparently this is an AMRAP.


Albert Camus, ever the wise philosopher, says the smart choice is to find some cozy blankets and good company and wait for it all to pass over.

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