Return of the Weekend Long Run

For a couple of years now (let’s be honest – nearly four since I finished my most recent marathon in November of 2012…) I’ve been saying I really want to focus on running again, because I miss the feeling of being comfortable at distance and comfortable running fast. It wasn’t until just two or three weeks ago, however, that I found the focus I need to run with purpose rather than halfheartedly trying to “run farther again” and not being excited about it because the goal is so very fuzzy.

It’s paying off, too. I did 7 miles on Saturday – the first weekend “long” run I’ve done in years at this point. I felt mostly good (although not as good as last week’s faster and somehow less significant feeling 6) and most importantly I got it done AND I enjoyed it. As a bonus, although I felt like I’d plodded along a good bit of the way when I checked my Garmin at the end my time was something I would not have run the distance in at training intensity back in my “running days.” On the downside I am hearing from the Achilles’ tendons on a constant basis – but even when I’m not running much that never really goes away, and it remains just a weird feeling where I can notice them – not stiff, and not painful. I continue to be perplexed by them and it worries me a little but years later and it’s no worse – just consistently weird and distracting…

I haven’t tested yet at the distance I have my sights set on, but my two-mile pace has already dropped 23 seconds in THREE WEEKS. SO yes – generalized training is awesome for generalized fitness, but there ain’t no thang for running quite like running 😉

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