Proper Programming and Nutrition, FTW!

I have not bench pressed in almost 2 months.

I just PR’d my bench press for the first time in 2 years.

Since I can’t say it often enough: the Invictus programming is amazing. The difference between a plan put together by someone who seriously knows their business (CJ Martin, in this case) and someone who doesn’t (ahem… Me) is enough to prevent me from deciding I’d rather just make up my own workouts again for a very very very long time.

I’m also trying to ignore socially-induced fears of being not sufficiently small enough for female attractiveness and jut eat what I need for my activity level. I’ve been reading up at Eat to Perform and so far my pants fit perfectly well and I can squat more… Always a good sign. Plus not constantly trying to eat less and take up less space and be less… Everything is nice. Even this far along in my affair with strength training and CrossFit I’d be lying to pretend I never ever have those thoughts anymore. But I’m far less likely to listen!


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