Powdered Peanut Butter: Emergency Culinary Magic Trick

Just about a year ago I bought my first jar of PB2 powdered peanut butter; I’ve had some on hand continuously ever since. I was wary when I first came across the idea – I assumed it would taste nasty because peanut butter minus the high calorie load (since that’s not always what I need when I’m craving peanut butter flavor) sounded too good to be true. Lucky for me, it turns out that this stuff tastes fantastic and is endlessly versatile – my favorite way to use it is as a means to turn anything NOT currently peanut butter flavored into a highly superior peanut butter flavored version of itself. Fat most certainly has its place in my diet but the amount of peanut butter I LIKE to consumer and the amount of fat I NEED to consume are often not in sync.  This stuff not only satisfies that wish – it can also transform sad or just repetitive dishes with basically no effort and some added protein as a bonus.

imageChocolate peanut butter protein shake without significantly altering the macros? Works like a charm. Peanut butter banana “ice” cream? Amazing. Near-instant peanut stir-fry sauce, with wildly flexible macros to suit your needs? Done and done (and done and done and done, this week for dinner). Not only does it add instant velvety smooth peanut butter flair to whatever sauce or dish you want to add it to, it also avoids the usual difficulties of peanut (or nut butter) sauces – most notably that if you let them get too hot for too long they can separate like crazy and have fun getting THAT mess whisked back together! (I have done it way too many times…) It can also turn your curry into peanut curry instantly.  In the time it took to write this post I’ve come up with about ten new ideas I want to try with it.

I have not tried peanut soup with it, but I’m willing to experiment for the cause of research once we hit the colder months – I’m honestly not sure that one will work but I’d like to see. I’m also really eager to see how it can do turning cake batter, for example, into peanut cake batter – without the extra heaviness of regular peanut butter.

And just sayin’ if it happened to be a special occasion – peanut butter whipped cream. You can whip pretty much anything into cream if it’s light enough and this most certainly is.

Sometimes I use it just to add a little extra protein, sometimes it can help cut the sweetness of an overly sweet protein shake – I especially like to use it with my vanilla powder. A protein shake with powdered peanut butter and a frozen banana thrown in and blended, by the way? Delicious. Like a protein-y peanut butter milkshake.

The PB2 brand, which I think may be the original version of the product, sells for $6.59 for a 6.5oz jar. There is also a chocolate version!

A couple months ago I noticed my grocery store had also begun to stock another brand, PB Fit. You get 8oz of PB Fit for $4.59 so I tried it out – and that’s what I’ve been buying ever since. The PB2 has a nicer, finer texture and blends more smoothly into a protein shake. For anything else, though, I can’t tell the difference. PB Fit DOES have a little more sugar to it though – if that’s an issue, PB2 is a better bet. For me, the amount is small enough that I don’t consider it a problem.

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