Post-Vacation Grocery Madness + Back to Training Full Force

I had a wonderful week visiting my boyfriend’s central-valley childhood home… but at deep down at heart I am a creature of habit, and that creature was extremely excited to get her hand on all sorts of fruits and veggies and the store this afternoon.
Some cashew butter and an enormous box of Lucky Charms (ahem, pre-workout fast digesting carbs!) didn’t hurt my enthusiasm either. I picked up a box of organic coconut milk by my store’s “natural” brand to try in my curry sauce for dinner this week. The plan is quinoa + veggies as usual, with the curry sauce I have been working with the past couple weeks. The coconut milk I picked up is thinned out compared to the stuff you get in a can; I expect it to work pretty much like my previous box of almond milk. I’m hoping it gets me that yummy coconut flavor, but with the viscosity of the almond version – because it was better for coating the dish.

I missed last week’s Invictus programming, but starting tomorrow I’ll be back in it and freshly recharged. Instead of trying to cram high volume training in, we dropped in to CrossFit Merced for the week. It was a lot of fun to take a (relative) break, test myself against some new workouts, and hit the gym with my very favorite workout partner again. As a bonus, Thursday morning we did Helen. Helen was my very first WOD over 4 years ago. I did ring rows and used a 12kg kettlebell; my time was 9-something. Almost exactly a year ago (funny enough right before I went to dinner with Boyfriend for the first time – he was undeterred by my showing up with a torn palm) I did it RX in 11:27… this year I shaved more than a minute off. I wanted to be under 10, but I missed it by a little bit. I’ll be trying again in a couple of months.

Other than that, we made lots of time for relaxing and sightseeing… including two bears we about tripped on in the redwoods. For a short while we thought we were about to have to test that functional fitness out but luckily things stayed peaceful!

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