Paradigm Shift?

While I was cleaning up after my last workout tonight I happened to notice some spots where I am clearly more muscular than I was a couple months ago… And I’m quite certain that if I got on the scale I would weigh at least a little but more. And at lunchtime, I got another snatch PR.

For some reason that got me thinking about the change in my body compared to a decade ago when I was at the start of my 20s – probably because I had read this post earlier today. I realized with a sense of near disorientation that back in those days when I was desperately trying to be thin like “the pretty girls,” living in abject horror of weight gain… I had absolutely no concept of muscle gain. In my mind, weight and fat were the same thing. I had a vague idea that being strong was good, but it was submerged under later upon layer of societal and self inflicted pressure to be “small and feminine.”

I don’t mean I was afraid to lift weights – I mean that my relationship with my body was only about hoping it would become smaller and fearing it would become bigger. I quite literally did not understand that fat wasn’t the only tissue my body was capable of gaining – that I could build strong, healthy muscle too.

Thank goodness for CrossFit!

And seriously, if you have a second, check this post out:

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