Multitasking: Fitness Edition

It can be really, really hard to do it all – in general, and on some days in particular. This is one of those days for me. It started with an early morning at work, ready to go for a morning in court… and got silly from there, rolling along into a late night pretty much the same way that big rock rolls over Sisyphus. Making dinner and working out were both seeming like fantasies, but I considered my options and am currently doing both and actually posting on this poor neglected blog while I’m at it.** Am I superwoman? Hardly, but I’m efficient. Sometimes, at least… The point of this post, however, is most certainly not to brag about 1) my sometimes-efficiency or 2) my good fortune in living somewhere close to work, and where I can have a garage gym set up.  My point here is to share two tips, one fitness and one food, that are how Im pulling things off tonight.  (Although IF you are able, setting a home gym up, however simple it may be is definitely a big sub-tip.)

Tip #1, fitness-related: those prescribed rest breaks between sets and lifts?  When your workout includes them, USE them on nights like the one I’m having.  Tonight I’ve been writing this post a sentence or two at a time, checking my email for bills or anything else important, and texting back my mom and a good friend I haven’t seen in ages.  I’ve also been running upstairs to check on the oven, which is a bonus-level to tip #2 I can pull off because of my home-gym-good-fortune.

Tip #2, food-related: make near, dear, bestest friends with your crockpot, and occasionally double-time it with your oven.  Today I put sweet potatoes in the crock all-day (thank you to the inter webs for this tip – just wash your tubers, leave them wet, and throw them in for 8 hours on low!), and before I started lifting I put brussels sprouts and honey-mustard-curry chicken in to roast… because they call for the same time and temp.  I’m 110% sure I posted the chicken recipe before – with pics of the book it came out of even – but I can’t find it so basically I chop up boneless chicken breast, mix 2 parts honey to 1 part mustard (usually 1/2 and 1/4 cup for about 3 lbs chicken), “some” (about a tsp but I just eye it now) curry powder, salt and pepper, and bake for 45 minutes at 375.  It’s delicious, and if you use foil or parchment you don’t even have to clean a pan.  I mean come on – this meal basically cooked itSELF while I was at work and in the gym!


My point is that on the worst (ok, semi-worst – some days there’s no helping!) of workdays, having an eye out for options and opportunities can help you stay on track.  I didn’t get all my workout in tonight, but I hit the essentials and even got a 5-pound PR on my front squat (185!!).  Dinner is no masterpiece but it’s healthy, will feed me the rest of the week, and to be less than humble – it smells awesome in here.  This post?  Well, hopefully the types are TOO bad.  Balance!


**Petite Albert Camus requested that I also mention the most IMPORTANT task I fit into these breaks: Throwing Favorite Mousie

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