More Mangos!

See? With the mangos again, already. Today I’m both low on groceries, and rushing through my morning to get to the airport. But I can always make time for mangos.

My busy, cooking for one adult lifestyle has really sparked a love affair with frozen fruits and veggies. My favorite frozen fruit? Hold your breath: mango. It goes great in protein shakes (especially along with frozen banana); it goes great with those same bananas to make “ice cream” in The food processor (more on that awesomeness coming soon), it saves tons of time making mango salsa (which can lead to tons of other awesome recipes you can bet you’ll hear about), and best of all for today, you can defrost it in the microwave, throw your plain Greek yogurt and a tiny bit of honey on top, and feel totally, healthily indulged in all of two minutes. I add a little peanut butter granola too, usually, but today I’m out of my favorite natural kind and the mainstream substitute I grabbed turned out to be NASTY. (Thumbs up, Nature’s Path; thumbs way down, Nature Valley “protein” granola). If you avoid grains or are more virtuous than I on the no premade food front. It’s still delicious with no granola.

You can also add powdered peanut butter to the yogurt, for peanut butter yogurt. Just sayin’. I’ll conduct a homemade peanut butter granola experiment with this stuff soon, to see if I can add that to the growing list I’m keeping of why it’s basically genius.

More reasons to love mangos? They’re high in vitamins C, A, and B6, and folate, copper, and fiber.

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