Lazy Woman’s Chicken

Well it certainly I appropriate that I am writing this post a full week after starting the draft and intending to write it.

To be fair, in reality I’m less lazy and more busy but when it comes to the level of effort I can put into my Sunday cooking the effect is pretty much the same. This is less a recipe and more my reminder that – not everything has to be a fancy recipe. Sometimes you just want to throw some simple spices on your chicken, pop it in the oven, and go back to your life. Which doesn’t mean your meal has to taste half bad!

I’ve talked a bit before about how much I like the convenience of pre-grilled frozen chicken strips – and I do – but using the. Day in and day out adds a lot of sodium to my diet so last grocery run I decided to see how baking up a batch of my own worked out instead. I do have a grill, but it is stored away because they’re painting my apartment complex – and anyway, the grill requires monitoring outside. Baking instead means the oven does the work while I enjoy myself (or… fold laundry, which I only enjoy in that I enjoy being done with it!)

I bought two packages of thin-sliced chicken breast, set my oven to 350, and lined my pans with my new best friend, parchment paper.

The chicken went “plop!” into the pan, I literally chucked some salt, cracked pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder (NOT a lot!) and paprika on, and banished the. Into the oven and out of my mind until things started getting fragrent.

And holy cow (chicken?) did it get fragrent. My apartment smelled like rotisserie chicken or something – unexpected bonus.

That was my cue to start peeking in and checking for doneness. It had been a while since I baked chicken, especially thin sliced, so I wasn’t sure what cooking time would be. Mine ended up looking good at about 20 minutes – I waited for it to get a little color on top.

All I had to do was slice it up,after it cooled and toss it in my Tupperware. I will definitely continue to keep some frozen strips on hand for “emergencies,” but this was so super easy that from now on when I am pre-planning a recipe for the week using chicken strips this will be the way I go.

(These particular strips were mainly destined for lunchtime tortillas with salsa, baby romaine, onion, and guacamole.)

Lazy Woman’s Chicken

Preheat oven to 350*, place parchment on baking sheet(s)

1-2 lbs thin sliced chicken breast
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes
Garlic powder (a sprinkle)

Place chicken on baking sheets
Sprinkle with spices to taste
Bake 20-30 minutes depending on thickness

Seriously, that’s it.

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