Keeping it Simple – Slaw Noodles and Bonus Eggs

Last week I went to the grocery store all set on picking up the makings of curried soba noodles & veggies for the week, only to find that my store had stopped carrying my favorite (or any) soba noodles, and the broccoli selection was looking sad too. They were even out of my normal unsweetened almond milk that I use as a base for my sauce, so it was time to get flexible.

I picked up a package of rice noodles – cheaper and faster cooking so no loss there, some broccoli slaw, and an unsweetened almond/coconut milk blend. I also grabbed my usual tofu, an onion, shredded cabbage, and…. spinach, what else?


Broccoli slaw, for the record, is basically shredded broccoli stems with some carrot and red cabbage thrown in. My first thought in grabbing it was that it would cook far faster than actual pieces of broccoli, making my meal prep way faster. It turned out that not only was that true, but the best part is that it also makes a fantastic stand in for noodles/rice on nights intended to be low carb – so not only was my shopping flexible, it made it even easier to keep my meals flexible too.


My luck was really in with this round of curry, in fact, because from now on I will be buying coconut/almond milk instead of straight almond – the addition of some coconut really added a little extra mellow body to the curry sauce that I loved, without adding all the calories regular canned coconut milk would. Also making things tasty was the kind of insane amount of powdered ginger I was throwing in, because I’m trying to use an old bottle up. I was worried I might be over doing it and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying it (maybe 2 tsp?) in case it was only working out BECAUSE mine is pretty old… but as I said I must have been lucky this week.


And speaking of extremely easy ways to keep your meals and macros flexible and working for differing day to day needs, like most things in like you don’t have to take your food exactly as you find it. Egg whites alone sounding totally unappealing, but enough whole eggs to hit your protein going to send your fat through the roof? Combine your whole eggs with some pourable whites until you have the ratio you need – here I had three eggs that needed to get used up, and about 100g of whites, “fried” in a thing coat of pam which gets them nice and crispy without adding grease to my diet… or perhaps even worse, all over the surface of my stove.


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