Homemade Hummus in Minutes

Looking for an easy, light tasting, healthy snack during your post-thanksgiving detox and cooking-strike haze? Look no further than your food processor!

My Thanksgiving pumpkin pie calls for lemon zest, but no lemon juice, so I had a lonely half naked lemon hanging out all weekend. While I was at the store today I decided to get him some chick peas and tahini for friends. I can remember my mother making her own hummus when I was young, but as an adult I’ve more often gone for the store bought variety. Until I remembered, that is, how much crisper and fresher the flavors are when you make your own… and that doing so actually takes next to no effort. Score!

Although we kept it active over Thanksgiving (I love nothing more than when my guy is home to work out with me!) I was still ready to switch gears from holiday richness to something light and bright.

You’ll Need:
A food processor
A can opener

Olive Oil
Black pepper (optional)
Lemon – or lemon juice
Tahini (Sesame seed paste – my store stocks it near the natural peanut and almond butters)
Chick peas – I used canned because I didn’t have time to soak dried ones, but you certainly coud use dried if you prefer

Here’s the ratios I used, for two cans of chick peas:
2 cans chick peas (the 14.5 ounce size)
2-3 Tbsp olive oil
3 Tbsp Tahini
1/2 tsp salt
dusting of pepper
Juice of one large lemon
2 garlic cloves

I processed that all until it was smooth and a little fluffy, and had some with pita chips while impatiently waiting for my post-long run dinner to cook. Half will stay home for evening snacks and half will go to work with me, yum!

**As always, these ratios are what I worked out to my taste as I went; I’d suggest starting with 2 Tbsp each oil and tahini, and adjusting from there. More of either (or both) will make your hummus smoother and creamier; I like to keep them roughly equal so I get both the olive and sesame flavors.

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