Green Chili Turkey Burgers!

I was going to make some awesome Asian style turkey burgers but I didn’t feel like food-processing spices. And I realized they might not ply well for lunch with the hummus and guac I have in the office fridge for sandwich fixins’. So I decided to try a green chili version instead – I’ve got a jar of cilantro cooking base I recently used for a tasty pork chop marinade, and a can of green chilis. Done and done.

Super Easy Green Chili Turkey Burgers
Makes 8 (1/4 burgers)

2lbs 93% lean (so it isn’t too too dry!) ground turkey
7oz can of green chilis
~1/3 cup “recaito” cilantro cooking base
1/2 a chopped onion
Sprinkle patties with cumin, salt, and pepper

Sauté until cooked through, about 8-10 minutes at a little above medium heat

Goes awesome with guac, or Sriracha mayo (mix mayo to Sriracha about 2:1)

A homemade garlic, cilantro, lime mix would make this fresher and healthier than the jarred cooking base – and I’ll be trying it soon because jarred sauce often = at least a few ingredients you’d be better of without. Plus I think I could get more intense flavor that way But I never try to pretend around here that I’m above sauce in a jar when that’s what is in the fridge and time is short. I didn’t have fresh cilantro, and believe it or not you can’t always get it in my store – this worked out well for a “what’s on hand?” solution!

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