Fun Stuff Friday – ish: Kitty Castle!

About two weeks ago my Dad sent me a link to a Youtube video featuring “cat hacks,” and for once in the world of “hack” lists the ideas were 1) actually new ideas, and 2) actually things that you can do… and that work!  (I still wouldn’t call them hacks since they aren’t ways to break into the coding of my feline friend’s brain but, you know…)  The one I most wanted to try involved making a cat “cave” (or as my spoiled pet probably things of it, a castle, from an old box, and an old t-shirt.

I had to wait until there was an appropriately sized box around (post coming soon on the also really fun contents of the box!) which finally happened this week.  I was worried there’d be typical cat style pickiness and he might ignore my effort but then – no more than 20 seconds after I finished constructing his new digs out of the box and an old uniform shirt this happenned:



This face is exactly how he gets away with “hunting” my feet in the middle of the night:


Next time I have an empty plastic water bottle we’ll be trying out the treat roller to keep this poor spoiled latch-key kitty occupied on his own.


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