Friday Fun Stuff: Quick & Easy “Chipotle” At Home

It can be hard to eat on the road with a vegetarian to consider if you don’t want to stick your non-carnivorous companion in the repeated position of “french fries for dinner.”  Although it’s definitely not as “healthy” as the advertisers would like you to think, Chipotle at least offered a non-french fry option with some protein, especially when they started serving “sofritas.”  We tried it and really liked it during last summer’s road trip but lately the store-bought version has not been appealing, and we rarely eat out – so I got a little excited when I spied a package of Goya “sofritos” in the freezer section at Wegman’s.  It turns out that the name refers to the style of sauce – marinated chopped vegetables and herbs.  Frozen is still not the same as fresh, but the ingredient list is pretty innocuous and combined with the frozen tofu trick I learned from this recipe for Tofu “Faux-lognese” it made the base for fast, extremely easy, and delicious Friday night burritos (See?  There’s at least Friday involved somewhere this time!)

The sofritos thawed easily in the fridge overnight; I heated it in a pan and added my thawed, drained, crumbled tofu to cook.  This is by far my favorite way to substitute ground meat when I’m cooking for Casey, or making something for both of us to share – it’s much better than the frozen “crumbles” which personally I don’t care for.


If I’m super organized I’ll have rehydrated some dried black beans but let’s be real – usually, I drain a can of black beans and get them in a heated pot with some olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and dried cilantro.  Once that’s all warm, a batch of hot rice comes out of the rice cooker and right into the pot – this is so easy, and so good, that it’s absurd.  The cilantro lime rice is one of my favorite things about a Chipotle burrito but it’s so easy to make at home there’s no need to go the fast-food route to get it.


I heat my (lard free!) tortillas in foil in the oven while I throw everything else together – pull them out, add some guacamole and salsa plus a little cheese for me.



The first couple times we had this, I reused the foil to make burrito-butt holders because my rolling skills leave much to be desired.


I felt extremely proud of myself last time, when I remembered not to put my fillings in the middle and ended up with two neat, adorable little mini-burritos.  It’s the little things, right?


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