Friday Fun Stuff: CrossFit Chess

This Friday let’s talk about some fitness- focused fun.
For about a year Casey and I have tossed back and forth various ideas on a format for CrossFit chess – partly inspired by a real-life encounter I had with a giant chess board – and settled on what we think is the most workable “at home” version (I have lots of fun ideas for that giant chessboard too but since I’m not about to invest in one for the backyard…)

IMG_1749The most common valuation for chess pieces awards each player points for the relative value of pieces on the board, as a way of tracking (roughly) which player is ahead during the game, with a pawn being worth 1 point, a knight 3, a bishop 3, a rook 5, and the queen 9 (the king is assigned no point value because the king is the decisive piece).

In our most simple version of CrossFit chess, the workout is set to an AMRAP of desired length – between 10:00 and 20:00, depending which of the following two formats are chosen.

A shorter format would work best where each play chooses one single movement to perform while the other player moves.  This could be the same movement for both players – an even test of fitness vs. chess skill – or for an additional layer of strategy, each player can choose their own movement based on preference and anticipated cycle times.

A longer format would work better where a series of movements are assigned – basically a traditional AMRAP workout performed in whatever time is used by the other player to move.

IMG_0387At the end of the AMRAP period, the players total their reps performed + the point value of the pieces remaining on the board to determine the winner.  If checkmate is reached prior to the end of the AMRAP, the losing playing can be assigned a penalty – but that penalty should be agreed to before the game begins!  Reps of a movement (ahem, burpees?) equal to the value of the winning player’s remaining pieces is an option I am partial to.

So, there you have it – Simple CrossFit chess, with some variations; level of fun may vary according to level of burpees included!

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