Eats This Week! Balsamic Chicken, Pizza Chicken!

Lately I have been so busy with preparing for a major relocation that I have not had much energy to come up with new recipes, so I’ve been taking the quick and simple route. This week I went wild buying up boneless chicken breasts, and relied on the recipes of others, to have both Balsamic Chicken and “Pizza” Chicken. I try to avoid subsisting on chicken breast alone and all but I’ve had my fill of turkey burgers and this is the next easiest/leanest thing.
For Balsamic Chicken:
I used the recipe for Balsamic Glazed Pork, simply subbing chicken breast in my crockpot, and then shredding them before adding the glaze. Minimal effort and I have so much I am going to be putting portions into my work freezer tomorrow. To go along with it I’ve got a batch of multigrain rice and some frozen green beans. Toss in a big bowl, nuke in the break room, and VI-OLA, healthy balanced work-lunch.

For “Pizza” Chicken:
This recipe for Red Pepper Mozzarella Chicken is also super simple; this time I departed from the recipe and added red pepper flakes and some tomato sauce. It’s baking now, and I am sautéing some broccoli with leftover onion, garlic salt, and Italian seasoning to go with – so easy I am finally blogging while it cooks. I may get feisty and sprinkle it with some Parmesan. (No additional carbs needed tonight because I had a colossal cupcake this afternoon that definitely hit my goal in that department. Seriously, WHO is going to say no to champagne cake with champagne-cream-cheese frosting??)

And look… No Spinach! For once.

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