Easiest Sweet-Potato Oven-Fries

When I started following the Invictus competition blog in June, I knew it was also time to get serious about my diet.  When I say “serious,” what I mean is serious about fueling my efforts, instead of flip flopping from week to week over whether roomy “skinny shorts” or a bigger deadlift is going to be more important to me.

I’m working hard to choose the deadlift, and I’ve been doing some reading over at eattoperform.com to that end.  I’ve got actual targets for macronutrients now, instead of a constantly-changing-with-my-mood arbitrary calorie goal, and it seems to be paying off.  One happy bonus is that it turns out yeah, I need what seems like a lot of carbs to keep up with this training load.  Yummy, yummy carbs… mmm.

Sacrilege?  Nah.  Science!  I’m not saying I eat Snickers for breakfast – I’m talking mostly healthy, wholesome dense energy sources for intense output when I need it.

For a few weeks now I’ve really been crushing the heck out of some sweet-potato oven fries, which have the dual virtues of 1) being absolutely delicious and 2) being absurdly easy to make for the week.


Preheat your oven to 425, and it’s 3, 2, 1… Go!

Round one: Peel yo’ potatoes!

Round two: THE KEY – PARCHMENT! On your pan!

Round three: Slice them up however you want and dump them potatoes on your magic parchment!  I usually halve mine width-wise and then do rough wedges; they’re big enough not to burn and small enough not to take an hour to cook.  Also a quick easy way to chop.

Round four: Coconut oil – I think this gets them crispest – or olive oil – has a nice savory flavor

Round five: Salt! Pepper! YuM!  Best results come from chunky cracked black pepper, and sea salt.  The sea salt melts into the oil and gets right on in your sweet potato.  It really is superior here to table salt (or kosher salt, for that matter).

Round six: Pop ’em in the oven and rest 30-45 minutes.  Cooking time will be less for fewer and smaller potatoes; more for a greater volume and/or bigger chunks.  You’ll smell them 10 or so minutes before they’re really ready; the surface will start getting golden brown blister-looking spots when you’re about there.  Just keep an eye for them to get crisp around the edges.

Round seven: Enjoy, not for time.  They’re amazing fresh out of the oven, reheat well on their own, and make a good way to add some wholesome carbs to whatever you might throw together in your frying pan – tonight I had some thrown in my egg whites and spinach.

IMG_1631Bonus Treat: Jif Cereal.  Yes, I said Jif Cereal.  I just happened to spy this out of the corner of my eye in the store last week… and while I’m not full on jumping on the “only macros matter” train, because, ahem, I like to be healthy… I’ve also never been a fan of the “sugar will instantly kill you” mindset.  Plus it quite honestly brings a little joy to my night to be able to round out my carb requirement for the day with some frivolous, tasty cereal once in awhile – the kind of thing I spent years forbidding myself to enjoy without guilt.

But I digress – again: Jif Cereal.  Peanut butter… cereal.  It’s so awesome.  I’ve had peanut butter puffins (delicious, but a little gluey), and peanut butter Captain Crunch (a favorite of my brother’s when he was a kid – weird aftertaste, and guaranteed to slice up the roof of your mouth).  Finally here is a peanut butter cereal that delivers on the heavenly PB flavor, doesn’t glue your teeth together, AND leaves the poor roof of your mouth intact.  So good.  So, so good.

Yes, yes I have a thing for peanut butter; you got a problem with that? 😉

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