Dumpy In A Good Way

Lately between getting ready for my big move, and dealing with my mystery injury, I have not been feeling as ambitious and creative in the kitchen as usual. As a result I’ve been eating lots of things like turkey burgers with sweet potato and frozen veggies (lunch this week!) and anything I can make by dumping things in my crockpot and walking away. This week I’m trying out a recipe I had bookmarked (and honestly I can’t remember how I came across it) for chicken taco bowls. I love lean chicken, I love tacos, and I love black beans (included in the recipe). The website it comes from looks to be full of similarly easy, cheap options so I have a feeling that I will be back!

I adapted THIS RECIPE by doubling the black beans, using 12oz of corn… because that’s how Kroger sells it… adding two jalapeños (in rounds, with seeds) because I love the flavor and heat from them, and throwing in anything I needed to use up in the kitchen – half a red onion and some grape tomatoes. Also, I did use organic beans and organic salsa, because the sodium content is so much lower – it especially makes a difference with the canned beans. Finally, I added (what else, I know you’ll be surprised) a bag of fresh spinach at the very end to turn this into a true one-and-done full meal complete with greens.
As a sidenote about my meals for the week… if they sold a “roasting sweet potatoes” scented candle, I would totally buy it. In bulk.
Soon enough I’ll be getting inventive in the kitchen again, but it’s a good time to put my feet up for now… literally. I’m finally seeing a doctor, and hopefully I’ll get an answer on why my foot gets so sore, often out of the blue at night, but for now I’m bracing myself (again, har har – I am really stepping in the puns today…) and waiting. At least it sounds like it’s NOT a stress fracture, so as long as I wear the brace I’ve got the green light to do anything I can tolerate workout wise. I’m easing back into Invictus as of yesterday (went ok) and running as of Friday (so horribly slow!) And since I’m trying to learn from past mistakes, I’ve pulled out my trusty physical therapy gadgets so that I can make sure my back and hips don’t decide to join the party. Preventative maintenance FTW!

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