Baby Kale! Nutritious, Delicious… and Cute.

…And it cooks fast, too.

So tonight I’m still with my standby chicken dish for dinner because I was out of town all last week and haven’t been able to catch up on meal plans – but i DID snag a cool new green to toss in the mix: baby kale. I love regular kale, and lacinato kale, in the fall and winter, but it can be hard to get it cooked properly in a hurry and a plate of tough chewy green stuff isn’t always appealing no matter how healthy it is.

Since I’m home from the gym way too late as always and trying to make sure I have a decent dinner before I head to bed and get up before dawn, quick cooking really, really matters to me – and at least there’s variety in my veggie selection, if not tonight’s meal as a whole. The baby kale wilted down nicely like spinach, but it has retained some of the chewiness of its adult sibling – to a degree that is a plus, because it stands out texturally in the dish! It also has a hint of the earthy flavor adult kale has which is a nice addition. Plus – 2 cups raw boasts 240% RDA for Vitamin A, 170% for Vitamin C, 10% of your calcim, and 8% of iron… and 3g of protein, actually.

Not a bad way to follow up a workout that got me a 15# pr on front squat and 5# on my snatch (for the first time literally in years, on my snatch!)

This program is working for me and I couldn’t be happier with it; more thoughts on the gym, life, and the gym & life to follow this week as I continue to play catch up…

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