And Then… There Was Dessert

Clearly I am enjoying some fun foods during my vacation next week (but some salad and a veggie/meat convertable protein option are coming up later this week!), and a highlight has definitely been my foray into the Chocolate Oat Crumble posted on Smitten Kitchen a while back.
Easy, and delicious – I used 2 oz chocolate because I had a 4 oz bar and it seemed easiest to split it; I had three pears leftover that I didn’t eat up last week, so I used three; and I love raspberries so I probably threw much more than a cup in. I also used 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch, just stirred into my pear mixture before the raspberries went in, because I like my fruit desserts thick and gooey. We had ours with a little coconut gelato on top, while it was still super hot out of the oven. So good – and has me dying to make up a pear and raspberry pie with lemon and ginger. That will be happenning next time we’re itching for dessert!

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