About the Fun & Feminism

A big reason I started this blog was to give myself a way to share all of the things that I find fun – the things that bring joy to my life – with other people.  Yes, I do think “spinach 50 ways” is fun, and I think burpees are fun (sometimes!), and I think fashion and art and makeup are fun.  Most of all, the act of writing itself is a joy for me.  Even if it’s a one paragraph “remember to keep your chest up and knees out!” quick tip kind of day, hitting that publish button is a reminder that I’m doing something, at least in part of my life, that I truly love.

On a more (or less, you decide) serious note, I often look back and see that I grew up resisting outside urges to view some things as “male things” and some things as “female things,” and I spent a lot of my younger years rejecting any “female” things as inferior because 1) sorry, but our society still does, among its many many pervasive biases (bias, after all, seems a potential byproduct of human perception, distinction, and affiliation) make implicit that to be female is to be inferior and 2) the “male” things seemed way better to me as a child.  If the choice was sitting quietly and playing with a tea set so you wouldn’t mess your hair, or riding bikes and playing basketball, I mean come on!  It’s taken me well into my adult years to see that rejecting traditionally feminine things in favor of traditionally masculine things, and looking down on them (sometimes quite vociferously) is in a way looking down on and rejecting part of myself – at least the part that couldn’t be helped but be influenced by social construct enough that yes, actually, I do like the color pink and now I will finally admit it.

Also, glitter is objectively fun and you won’t find me denying it.

793px-Punishment_sisyphAnd finally – variations on a broccoli theme are great, healthy cooking is a fun, challenging, creative hobby, and I honestly enjoy morning runs and barbell sessions… but there IS more to life than constant striving.  At least, there should be, because otherwise you’d best change your name to Sisyphus.