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I often (in fact, probably a majority of the time) post here about food – what I’m eating, and especially what I’m cooking. When I come up with something that I think is good, I’ll throw up the details in recipe format – usually it will be something healthy, pretty much always it’s easy, fast, and far from fussy. It’s usually NOT paleo, gluten free, or 100% organic. It’s also not a test-kitchen approved work by a professional chef. Because I’m not one, nor am I a nutritionist. I’m just a girl who likes food, and lifting, in no particular order at any one time.

That probably shows when you read my “recipes” – if I know I’m making something to post I’ll start with baseline measurements of spices, for example, but I always want to make it clear that taste is a personal thing, and you should fiddle with the proportions to make it how YOU like it – I usually add more than the baseline because spice is kind of my thing.

You’ll also notice I tend to say “put in some” or “a little” or “a bunch,” or that there’s lots of “I had x so I threw it in.” I’m NOT a professional chef, but I am a professional. A busy one, and on a budget. I truly enjoy cooking as a creative outlet, and I like to use whatever is on hand to the best possible advantage, and flex a recipe to accommodate the contents of my pantry whenever I need to.

Furthermore, although I DO love bacon as much as the next CrossFitter, I probably don’t eat as much of it and often cook vegetarian – both because I enjoy vegetarian dishes, and also so that I can share my meals with my favorite veggie (my boyfriend). I always try to note places where you can make substitutions to suit either dietary requirements or preferences – with a little creativity you should be able to make your food work for YOU; you are never stuck with a recipe you find as is!

I usually prioritize nutritious options that will support my active lifestyle, I also love a good chocolate cake and get a lot of creative pleasure out of turning the odds-and-ends available in my fridge into a meal.  A lot of the meals I write about are vegan – that’s because my husband is vegan, and I like to be able to share what I cook with him, which is one of the main creative challenges I face in the kitchen.

I get a lot of joy from my mundane weekly cooking, and I hope that by relaxing about exact measurements and being open to creativity and subsitutions, maybe you will too. I like a fancy precise recipe every now and then when time and leisure allow, but day to day cooking the way I typically do takes the stress and pressure out of at least ONE part of life.

That’s one of the reasons why I DON’T follow paleo, zone, gluten free or any other strict set of dietary rules. I’ve tried a few, but I have no food allergies and I feel AND perform better when pasta and potatoes are part of my life – and I’m happier when I don’t encourage myself to think of certain foods as “bad.” Food is neither good nor bad; it’s a set of animal, vegetable, mineral, and vitamin nutrients that may help you function in one or another of a myriad possible combinations But suboptimal… is not the same as bad, and joy should never be off limits (and neither should chocolate cake!)

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